Ecstatic Yoga 

VEA Studio


9:30 - 10:45am 


Naunynstraße 38

10999 Berlin

Ecstatic Yoga 

All levels 

Ecstatic Yoga is inspired by Ecstatic Dance, the freedom of moving your body the way you feel. In this class we will play with breath, color, and music. Using ancient yoga philosophy and creative healing techniques - we will dive deep to find the quiet of our minds and home of our bodies. 

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"Instinct has drawn us back into the beat, back into the body to begin to sort out our confusion. Whether we turn to dances with steps, rave all night in clubs, or aerobicize till we have buns of steel, the idea is to get moving. Once your body surrenders to movement, your soul remembers its dance."

- Gabrielle Roth