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ecstatic Yoga+

Live Music

Come get down on your mat!

Ecstatic Yoga + Live Music is a monthly event. Inspired by the raw vibrations of live music, our musicians use unique instruments to support your travel deeper and deeper into yourself on the mat. Onaflow teams with the Interstellar Brothers to create an open and transformative space to journey through sound.


Are you are a musician or know someone who is interested in playing at one of our events? Send us an email below. We co-create with new artists, to feature new music at each event. 

"Instinct has drawn us back into the beat, back into the body to begin to sort out our confusion. Whether we turn to dances with steps, rave all night in clubs, or aerobicize till we have buns of steel, the idea is to get moving. Once your body surrenders to movement, your soul remembers its dance."

- Gabrielle Roth